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SUNBEAM F1 Horizon Dove – with Waze

SUNBEAM F1 Horizon Dove – with Waze

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    The F1 Horizon feature flip phone series was designed for the people who want all of the great Sunbeam features at a more economical price than the F1 Pro series. This is an upgrade to the original F1 series, with a larger battery, USB-C charging, stronger vibration, and numerous improvements for better durability.

    Each phone comes complete with a battery, a USB-C wall charger, a charging dock, and a charging cord.

    We’re also introducing a number of new software feature-levels to better serve your desired level of freedom from distraction.

    The F1 Horizon Dove has the following features:

    • Touchscreen
    • Text and Picture Messaging
    • Camera
    • Offline Music Player
    • Sound Recorder
    • Weather
    • Navigation
    • Google’s Waze app-This app does not work well with the keypad and requires you to use the touchscreen.
    • Visual Voicemail
    • Bluetooth
    • WIFI (data transfer)
    • TAG Approval


    It does NOT have:

    • WIFI Hotspot
    • Web browser
    • Social Media apps
    • App Store
    • Video capability


    See the spec sheet for more details.

    Note: The F1 Horizon is meant for North and South America and will not work in much of Europe, Africa, and Asia because it lacks the LTE bands required in those locations.


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