Fig Kosher flip phone / full keyboard

Fig Kosher flip phone / full keyboard

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The phone will work with T-mobile and Verizon But it will not work on Sprint or At&T

On-Screen Keyboard + Voice to Text
3.2" Touch Screen
Waze Navigation
32GB Memory
5 MP Camera
Supports All Major Carriers
✓ Waze
 No SD Card


1pc 1A FCC charger,
1pc headphone,
2pc white USB cables,
2pc CE 1450 mAh batteries,
1pc user manual,
1pc magnet,
1pc blue fabric+1set PET screen protector
1pc customized giftbox(lid and base box), including a EVA foam.


Other features

  • Original Waze
  • Modern offline Music Player
  • On-screen keyboard with voice-to-text, swipe-to-type, instant translator and much more
  • Sleak UI
  • Hebrew Calendar with Zmanim
  • Weather
  • Notepad
  • T9

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
bad phone

i never had a phone so bad like this phone don't waste 220$ for this phone waze isn't working you cant contact it to a computer you cant insert a sd card i want to take my fig phone and put under the weal's of a 18 weal tractor trailer i will never forgive for the store owner for salling me the worst phone in the wourld the "fig kosher phone"

Henny Fischman

Fig Kosher flip phone / full keyboard

best smartphone alternative

The phone has great touch, and works very fast. Very good keyboard with Google translate built in so you can communicate with your cleaning lady. The voice to text also Works flawlessly. Works similar to a smartphone. I did not see any option for removing video and text, which I hope will be made possible in the next update. Unfortunately, the Hebrew calendar was removed in the latest update and it never had the phone book app. Even the phone work very well, it seems that the developers are still working on it. So any problems it has could be fixed easily.