Fig Kosher flip phone / full keyboard

Fig Kosher flip phone / full keyboard

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The phone will work with T-mobile and Verizon But it will not work on Sprint or At&T

On-Screen Keyboard + Voice to Text
3.2" Touch Screen
Waze Navigation
32GB Memory
5 MP Camera
Supports All Major Carriers
✓ Waze
 No SD Card


1pc 1A FCC charger,
1pc headphone,
2pc white USB cables,
2pc CE 1450 mAh batteries,
1pc user manual,
1pc magnet,
1pc blue fabric+1set PET screen protector
1pc customized giftbox(lid and base box), including a EVA foam.


Other features

  • Original Waze
  • Modern offline Music Player
  • On-screen keyboard with voice-to-text, swipe-to-type, instant translator and much more
  • Sleak UI
  • Hebrew Calendar with Zmanim
  • Weather
  • Notepad
  • T9

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
i dont want to be a public fool (since i bought this crazy phone)

don't get exited from the outlook of the phone that is just for marketing purposes, you will never listen any good review like you see, i feel so bad to write it but since the compony don't take any responsibility i have no other choice

mendy weiss
money into the garbage

this phone is designed by people with the wish to make money so if you want to donate your money for them you can do it בדרך בכוד just buy this phone and you done

Terrible junk phone.

I have the fig phone the last 4 months, I have had problems with it, since week 2. Selfie stopped working, phone freezes often, I have to recharge phone minimum 4 times a day, I call up the company and they say that they only have a 14 day return policy (it only makes sense for groceries, not electronics, Wal-Mart gives 90 days.)
If you want to save $250.00 + tax, Just don't buy this phone!

Great Idea Terrible Device

This phone is a great idea but its not a phone its super glitchy and has countless issues WARNING Waze Dosent work for many ppl as I spoke to multiple ppl with the phone, dont rush to buy this phone its really a waste of money

Overall a pretty good phone

I wish I would be able to provide a full 5 star review but since there were some minor issues that might not be very important to everyone, for me it is important hence the 4 stars.

Overall the phone is the best flip phone I have had in the last few years. The phone has many functions (But missing the SD card slot) and is very responsive. The touch screen works pretty OK with the keypad and is very good as well.

I only have the phone for about 2 weeks. Take it for what it is worth.